Headsongs - Artists book

The publication "Headsongs" from the artist Stefan Zsaitsits contains a wide selection of his recent large-scale works on paper from 2010 and 2011

From the foreword by Manfred M. Lang

"They are faces, that often hide behind something rather clumsily - faces that are overdrawn by eyes and/or symbolflies - faces overgrown by plants or pencil-strokes - smallfaces forming a new delusion-face - faces sunken in sea and clouds - masked faces - mouth-lost faces.. [...]" 

Hardcover, 24 x 31,5 cm, 1100 g, 112 Pages, 52 Images
German and English Language, ISBN 978-3-200-02305-5, Price: € 25,-

Orders by Email: stefan@zsaitsits.com